MAGDUM ZOO animal magnets for kids -real LARGE fridge magnets for toddlers


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Large educational magnets for fridge – baby magnet learning toys for babies -magnet kids play magnetic THEATER learning each animal sound)

Baby learning toy magnets for toddlers will make your fridge a development toy use magnetic kids toddler learning magnets like early childhood development toys
20 animals magnets : Giraffe+Lion+Elephant+Camel+Hippo+Kangaroo+Leopard+Monkey+Penguin+Panda+Zebra+Rhino+Crocodile+Parrot+Tiger+Porcupine+Iguana+Koala+Ostrich+Panther
FUN fridge magnets consist of THICK cardboard+magnetic for kids to Play and Learn – magnetic toddler set
Maybe you are searching for ZOO magnetic game 2 years old kids – show baby the pictures and learn how the animals speak)- but DON’T let the baby chew the magnets and the cardboard – only SHOW the prictures and try to repeat the animal’s sounds – baby learning toys for 2 year olds – 2-3 year old games – let’s START to SPEAK)


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